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    Spring Promotion II: 13.04.2017 – 13.05.2017

    1. Interest Rate 20% for new registered accounts
    2. Add 15 or more partners inside your Plaza and get 5% interest rate
    3. Add 25 or more partners inside your Plaza and get 10% interest rate
    4. Add 50 or more partners inside your Plaza and get 20% interest rate
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Everyone can start his own business and start earning in Invest Plaza even with minimum investments


Invest Plaza is the modern investment service developed by international company ABCSMART INC.


Regular passive income. Depending on initial investment monthly income upto 50 000 euros. Instant payouts.

The LANDFORD LIMITED was founded in 2012 as an international company. We work with our clients from around the world. Our main activity is to invest in financial instruments, and to create long-term projects around the world. The company is also looking for innovative projects to further promote them internationally.

We always strive to achieve the best possible results for our clients by providing high-end financial solutions with first class personalised customer care. Our vision is to help our clients to create a stable and secure future through strong financial investments.

In 2015 all ownership rights were acquired by ABCSMART Incorporation (INC.). There was a legal reorganization of the company into "ABCSMART INC.", which gives us more freedom and transparency in relations with other financial organizations.

Invest Plaza - is a new financial service of ABCSMART Inc. and has its own share capital. Passive regular income, easy startup for your own business, transparent system of earnings, no need to invite new members – these are just some of advantages of Invest Plaza.

Imagine, if you register and totally fill 10 positions, a year later your income will be approximately 4000 - 7000 euros for every month.

Why you will love our projects?

The business we offer is between work and art. Over time it becomes your hobby. The project provides a unique MLM tool. We've spent a lot of time on building trust and, by this, have earned partners throughout 100 countries who firmly believe in the benefits of working with us.


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